Tired of seeing dull, boring images?

This is where Sort of Natural can help. I am a tunnel and pattern maker from New Jersey committed to making amazing images. I’m passionate about enhancing photos and creating beautiful portraits.

People often take photos and post them on social media sites after making a few modifications. I strongly believe that manipulating old collection of photos holds more value than just applying some filter.

Sort of Natural highlights the need to carefully use creative image manipulation techniques. This is not just about color correction and contrast adjustment. There is more to creating extremely creative works of art than you might think.

For amateurs and beginners in this field, there are some important things to consider. Image manipulation can be difficult to master. This is the reason you should start with cropping, mirroring, and tunneling methods if you are willing to take the plunge.

Mirroring and tunneling techniques have the power to bring new life to your images. There are many uses for these effects in photography. You can make a simple photo more messy and artistic. Though manipulating scanned images may look strange, you will feel something different and enjoy playing with them.

Experimenting with old scanned photos and being creative are key to make a beautiful artwork. The tunnel effect is a way to distort the world around the subject with blur. The background is one thing, while cropping cleanly and touching up the edges is another.

With Sort of Natural, you will discover how to make your own perfect photo with a unique twist. Image manipulation will not diminish the originality and creativity of your work.